Reporting & Charts

Keep a finger on the pulse of your employees’ engagement


the most engaged employees in your organization


the impact of training and recognition on your employees


high-performing employees who are contributing to business success


the most engaged employees in your organization

Visualize and Measure Key Data to Determine the Success of Your Recognition Program

Improve engagement through informed data.
Using reports such as the number of sent awards or redemption rates, you can make informed decisions about your program in real time.

Present your success with presentable reports
A suite of built-in reporting helps to make reporting results clear and simple. Customized reporting ability helps to convey the particulars of your business.

Integrate with your current systems.
Sync with your existing payroll, HRIS, LMS, and CRM systems and allow your data to stream to WorkStride in real-time or in batch format via SOAP or REST-based APIs.

No recognition program is complete without the capabilities to analyze reports and statistics about the program itself. WorkStride offers a wide variety of reports and charts so you can get the information you need to measure the success of your program.

Our Data Methodology

We can clean up your messy data.

We know that your data doesn’t come perfectly formatted in a template that plays nicely with a pre-built data uploader. We also know you’re not a programmer or database specialist‐but we are! We take your employee and sales data in any format you have and make it work for the program.

We play well with others.

We can integrate via API with most major payroll, HRIS, talent management, and CRM platforms to share data and create meaningful reports. For example, we can export reward data to your payroll provider for tax purposes.

Ongoing Support Of Your Program’s Performance

Executive Sponsorship

Executive-level support to assist in strategic initiatives of your program

Program Management

Ongoing, dedicated program success manager from initial planning, to launch and beyond

Technical Development

Continued development support to keep your program fresh, engaging and functioning at optimal performance

Customer Service

Live team of customer support reps available by phone, email and chat to assist end-users with all needs

eBook: Has Your Recognition Program Grown Cobwebs?

recognition program workstride

Find out how you can clear the cobwebs from your existing employee recognition program.

In this e-book, we will discuss the areas that could be causing your recognition program to fail and things that you can do to restore the program back to its original glory.

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