Employee Engagement

Recognize positive behaviors and encourage interaction between your employees

WorkStride helps you engage employees through meaningful connections to your company. Whether an employee saved your company thousands of dollars or simply always does their job with a smile, WorkStride is the way to say, “We appreciate you.” When you show employees they are valued, they are more engaged in their job, minimize errors, and improve customer service.

Social Recognition
Bringing recognition from a 1-to-1 transaction into a public forum where it can be shared and receive cheers/comments is the best way to create a culture of recognition without needlessly increasing your budget.

eBook: The Employee Experience Handbook

Learn how creating a positive employee experience can help increase engagement, retention, and productivity.

The employee experience is the sum of every aspect of the employee’s interaction with your company, from the application process to the exit interview. In this guide, we’ll go over five areas to focus on in order to create a positive employee experience.

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