Motivate your employees and encourage friendly competition

The best recognition programs save monetary rewards for truly impactful actions. You can still boost employee engagement, loyalty and participation by implementing gamification techniques that inspire friendly competition and social connectivity. With WorkStride, these features are available right out of the box.


Add an element of fun and competition by displaying badges for achievements on the user’s profile. Employees earn badges any number of platform-related activities: for giving or receiving certain quantities of recognitions, by logging into the platform a certain number of times, or by hitting service milestones.

Games of Chance

Leveraging games of chance such as spin-to-wins or lotteries can further engage your employees and increase the odds that they will return again and again to your program.


Increase connections and interactions between your employees by allowing them to select activities and hobbies that are of interest to them and then see who else in the organization shares those same interests.


Inspire your employees to do their best and recognize colleagues more by promoting friendly competition directly from the home page. The most recognized employees at your company will be featured on the platform for the entire organization to see.

eBook: The Employee Experience Handbook

Learn how creating a positive employee experience can help increase engagement, retention, and productivity.

The employee experience is the sum of every aspect of the employee’s interaction with your company, from the application process to the exit interview. In this guide, we’ll go over five areas to focus on in order to create a positive employee experience.

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