Health & Wellness

Encourage employees to live and work healthier

WorkStride’s wellness program feature helps your organization recognize and reward the behaviors that contribute to improving the overall health of your workforce, reducing insurance expenses and increasing employee engagement and well-being.

With interactive contests, robust analytics, and extensive reward options, you can motivate your employees to keep themselves healthier and happier.

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According to IFEBP, organizations that offer wellness programs often see a dramatic impact.


Decrease in Absenteeism


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Satisfaction

Create the Programs

Want everyone to make sure everyone fills out an HRA this year? Maybe you want everyone to sign up for the company 5K? Administrators can set the challenge details and choose employee groups to target using our build-in tools. Your new initiative could be launched in a matter of minutes.

Track Progress

Very few people actually look forward to going to the doctor or spending an extra thirty minutes on a treadmill. WorkStride’s interactive promotions keep your employees entertained, motivated, and challenged. Users have easy access to a dashboard of their progress against various challenges.


Users can enter their wellness activities, along with supporting documentation, for administrator review. Administrators can view participation by promotion, audience segment, or time frame with intuitive reporting that includes graphical call-outs, custom filters and drag-and-drop columns, and CSV exports.

eBook: The Employee Experience Handbook

Learn how creating a positive employee experience can help increase engagement, retention, and productivity.

The employee experience is the sum of every aspect of the employee’s interaction with your company, from the application process to the exit interview. In this guide, we’ll go over five areas to focus on in order to create a positive employee experience.

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